Solar Tower a Renewable Energy using the Sun

There’s a couple of things that drive investments in Solar Towers, one is the cost of oil. The other thing, of course, is government policy. Now with oil prices at record high and environmental issues burning in the public’s consciousness, interest in the Mansinares model has reached critical mass. An Australian firm called Enviromission plans to take a new tower to unprecedented heights.
“we’re one of the largest structure if not the largest structure in the face of the Earth – Steel reinforced concrete tower will rise 2500 ft above the earth.

Dimensions of the Solar Power Tower

That’s nearly half a mile and twice the height of the Empire State Building. Its base will be 430 feet in diameter—wide enough to provide a firm anchor during high winds. The glass and polymer canopy will stand 3 miles. Gently sloping from a height of 6 feet at the perimeter to 100 feet at the tower. There, 32 jet size turbines would be waiting to take the hot air and turn it into electricity.

The tower promises year-round energy. Greenhouse does still operate in winter so they still collect warm air. You still create a temperature differential. You may not have a huge output you have in summer just like with DIY Solar Panels, but you will certainly have a pretty substantial output.

The Output Power of the Solar Tower

Enviromission believes their tower will light up the power grid with an outstanding 200 mega watts. Even if the tower runs in 80 percent capacity, that’s enough power to fuel half a million households. Enviromission has already purchased a 20,000 acre site between Melbourne and Sydney to build the solar power tower.

How Much does a Solar Power Tower Costs?

It will be an engineering marvel and obviously a renewable energy icon and it will be expensive. Estimated cost to build a tower is $700,000,000. It’s a hefty price but one that just like solar panels would eventually pay for itself.

It will be, we believe, competitive in output with coal but it is more expensive to build but it costs nothing to run.
With investment capital rushing toward green machines, that 700,000,000 looks attainable.
Jetson style transport model 620 solar power towers the size of Enviromission’s design. Of those, California would need sixty five solar power towers.


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