Solar Powered Generator for an Emergency Situation

We all remember what it was like to go without power during Hurricane Ike. Now a local man believes he has found a way to generate electricity using something you may have at home.
Coming up we’ll take a closer look at his DIY solar powered generator which he says would also help the environment.
During Hurricane Ike, most of us spend time without power and for many it was weeks before electricity was finally restored. Now a Devry’s student, who remembers first hand the frustration he felt following the storm, has created a unique way of generating power using something you probably have at home. Going Green tonight, KPRC Local 2 reporter Courtney Gilmore, takes a closer look:

Ben Klaver turned a cooler into his own Solar (Panel) Generator. He claims it was easy.

How Long Does It Takes To Build DIY Solar Panel

The time to build it, it only took about 30 minutes to an hour but to actually think about it and plan it all out, about 2 to 3 days.
Outside, the solar panel collects energy from the sun but it’s inside the cooler where the battery and the inverter are, that the magic happens.
It goes straight out of the outlet that’s wired into the outlet.
After Hurricane Ike, Ben wanted to design something that is eco-friendly and practical. And as a cooler, if you lose power, you got a place to keep your emergency rations.

What Is The Usage Of this DIY Solar Panel

You can just put your drinks and throw ice in there so when you have an actual cooler, cause it is still water proof.
It travels on wheels so we take it down to Galveston and tried it out on the beach. And now, it’s my turn, so it’s a good thing it has wheels to get more power. All we do is to take it outside and once we’re outside, the light will change from red to green saying we got lots of power.
And sure gives off enough power to keep my temperature low.
Ben says it can also power a radio, a computer, and a car.
I went outside and a friend of mine, his car died and I was like well I don’t want to take my battery out of the thing so we just put jumper cables to it.
Giving a friend a jump, keeping your drinks cool and staying green – now that’s functionality!
And not surprisingly Ben says he‘s been getting calls to build more of these solar powered generators. It cost him a little under $1000 to make but he’s assured that the price will go down for the next one he builds.

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