New – Integrated Roof Top Solar Panels

Do you want a $4500 money-saving gadget for free? Sounds too good to be true. Sure does. Well, there’s a kind of green electricity where you can really save money and the planet Jeff Burnside has this exclusive story in tonight is going green report.
The 1980s, funky old style, Old thinking. And that’s what many people think of these old solar panels sitting precariously on roofs. That was then. This is now. The first solar tiles that look much like the rest as the roof.

Tiles of Solar Panels

They’re laid in panels that overlap each others just like roofing tiles. The aesthetics of it is that it’s a fully integrated system. So now, instead of having this angled panel up on your roof, you have something that lays down integrated within the roof tile hardly even noticeable from street level. And it really is a beautiful system as you can see.
This house in Boca Raton is getting the first installation of these tiles east of the Mississippi and the first to meet Florida’s top hurricane and water standards.

The Cost of Solar Tiles and The Benefits

This average-sized system which last 20 years costs $45,000. Ouch. But look at this: The stimulus plan pays for you for about a third of that at tax time. Then the state pays $20,000 pending renewal of funding. And remember that the electric company has to buy your extra power, saving you about a thousand dollars a year. Paying it off in ten years, and after that, you make money.
So the better these solar panels look and the less expensive they are, as can be done with DIY Solar Panels, the move home owners like this will use them. And that leads to a solution of a much bigger problem.

How Solar Tiles Helps the Environment

Already wants 3 more nuclear power plants, extremely expensive. And there remain plants for more natural gas and coal plants the dirtiest of all. But every solar power system installed means less need to build these power plants, protecting the environment and our electric rates.
We are the sunshine state. We should be powering the sunshine state with sunshine.

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