List of Materials for Building your own Solar Panel

For those who are new for this blog, I must say it would be great if you check my other posts on buying solar cells as it will help you understand better what you should do here and where to get the materials needed to build a homemade solar panels.

List of materials for diy solar panel

Material Needed For Homemade Solar Panels:

  • Frame – preferably aluminum
  • Recycled glass
  • Solar cells
  • Exterior glass silicon
  • Tubbing wire
  • Bus wire
  • Diode
  • Sylgard 184
  • Flux
  • Terminal block
  • Standard wire No 12
  • Silicon caulk
  • Pay attention on the solar cells, they are really fragile and can be broken very easily, so you need to handle them with special care, I usually clear the space around the solar cells and leave them in the box until I really need to use them, make sure to get about 10% extra solar cells when you order, most of the good sellers understand this and will send that extra solar cells.

    Another important thing before you start building a DIY solar panel is to make sure you have a space enough to work, make sure you have a table that you will cover with some rug so the solar cells and the glass won’t get scratches or that the solar cells won’t hit a hard surface and broke, as I mentioned before they are very fragile and you need to handle them with extra care.

    Allow yourself to make mistakes when building your first solar panel as we all did, the good thing about it is that I assure you, you will learn a lot from this experience and in your second solar panel you won’t make too many mistakes as well as you will be able to build it in half of the time it took you to build the first one.

    In case you have any other questions about making homemade solar cells and panels you can post comment bellow and I will answer it shortly.


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