How USA is Loosing Solar Technology to China

Dan Harris heard a story today of one company, one big idea, but in America, no one to say give it a try.

Natcore is a small company based in New Jersey that says it’s come up with an innovative new approach to make solar panels technology better and cheaper. One that its scientists are very excited about.
The president of the company Chuck Provini says he was determined to set up shop here in America.

I lived in New Jersey, I’m a former marine, I consider myself a good American and a patriot.
We wanted to do business in the States…

He went to Washington D.C. and met with congressional staffers, lawyers, and lobbyists but we couldn’t get the help raising the money that we needed.

Were you met with blank stares?

Well, they were very polite. We got polite letters, polite… conversations… but it was obvious that there was a major disconnect.

There was, however, one place offering help: China.

The government of China flew him over there and made him a very generous offer for him to move his panels technology to China.
Would you say that Chinese officials made your life easy in this process?
It has been a pleasure. They have been gracious. They’ve cut through red tape…

He is about to cut a deal to open a factory that will create hundreds of jobs: jobs that could have been created here in the USA.
You’re now in China as we speak, in the middle of the night, and you’re not far away from making a final deal.
Well I’m really here – this is how you have found me at 2 o’clock in the morning. I am in Ju Jou City!

To be fair, it is hard for the U.S. to compete with China’s dictatorial government which essentially runs the entire economy.
But still, critics say the Federal Government needs a big bold plan to dramatically ramp up our use of clean energy.
Until then, what they say, when they see a lot more American Solar Panels companies like Natcore exporting their promising ideas to places like China.

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