Home Solar Panels the Leasing Option

A growing member of Californians are looking to the sun to lower their energy cost. But for many, even with so many tax calculators and estimators available, solar panels is still an expensive option.
NBC Bay Area’s Joe Rizada Jr. shows us a new program that’s hoping to solve that.
( It is a small house built in 1910.)
Long time Sierra Club member Dan Raddenmacher has an activist soul. Over the years he’s dreamed that activist dream of solar panels adorning the roof of his Oakland home.

We thought about it for a long time and in the past it was pretty darn expensive so its something we’re ready to drop many thousands of dollars on. Last summer, Raddenmacher finally got his wish, it didn’t even cost him anything.

The Mathematics Behind Solar Panels

I guess it was more like going out to dinner at a cheap restaurant one extra time per month, and less like buying a car.
He was able to tap into his inner sun through as innovative new program by solar panels company SunGevity.
Now we have a lease which allows you to go green without money down, no deposit required. Just pay as you go.
The company leases solar panels to customers, allowing then to cut their energy cost overtime with a clear energy conscience.
This home will go from maybe a foot print of 20 tons of carbon over the next decade to 1 ton of carbon. So it’s a massive reduction.

What’s Next for Solar Panels Installation in the Area

Today the sierra club announced its teaming up with the company to encourage its 1.4 million members to go green.
Now we’re putting our traditional activist muscles, the grass roots way of the Sierra Club towards solutions.
The director says solar panels are still too expensive for many home owners but creative programs are making it more affordable.

The solutions to our environmental problems not only are here, but they are practical problems and are affordable. Putting solar panels up on your rooftops is easy to do and the Do It Yourself Solar Panels option may be supported as well.
Raddenmacher says the program initially raised his bill about $30 a month but he expects to save money over the 10-year lease…


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