Interview with Home Owner of Solar Panels from Texas

Going Green on Local 2 this evening, we know the news is plenty of sunshine, and now a group called Re-power Texas has focused on finding cleaner energy for our stay.
And harnessing the power of the sun is a big part of the plan.
Courtney Gilmore has a look at how the push is to go green.

texas solar panels

Hot sun, Houston, summertime’s best gift. It’s beautiful wind combined with Doyle Smith’s brand new solar panels. He installed 10 right before hurricane Ike and today, he’s getting 6 more.

The Economics behind Installing Solar Panels

He says with the rising energy prices the easy installation and low maintenance, deciding to go-green was a no-brainer.
I found myself with a little bit of money and savings account, and the bank wouldn’t give you interest on it, so if you put it on solar panels instead of learning it in the bank, you save a lot of money. And you still get about, probably about a 5-6% return on the investment.
And advocates say it’s more than saving money, with the negative problems, the pollution, these panels will create clean renewable electricity for your home. Each panel on top of Doyle’s roof converts the sun’s energy into electricity in this inverter right here. Right now the meter reads over 1600 watts of power making a hot day like today, cool on the inside.
And as the meter rises, his electric bill gets lower. He’ll also receive a tax credit. But with the price tag of $26,000, some might ask, “Is it worth it?”
John Berger, the CEO of standard renewable Energy says it’s an investment that makes sense. We can put it into a price per month payment on the solar panels installation like everybody’s used to seeing. And so it’s just like your utility bill except less. And in this bill, it doesn’t gyrate up and down. And Doyle couldn’t pass that up.
I recommend any body to put solar panels on especially in Houston we got so many good hot days of sunshine, you know.
And by the way, the tax credit was almost $8,000 which is 30% of the entire cost.

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  1. Solar power (in vauiors forms) is still about $4-6 Watt installed. While some manufacturing efficiencies have been discovered, Solar is far from being affordable. It is an expensive alternative until the installed costs approach $1/watt. I haven’t seen any information that even begins to suggest that we will ever install solar capacity at $1/watt.We need a breakthrough that produces clean, affordable electricity. Solar remains wishful and highly subsidized thinking. We would be better served by offering a significant prize for clean, affordable electricity. DOE invests billions in wind/solar development schemes that are NOT financially feasible.Everyone who wants to solve our energy challenges should be encouraging DOE and our Federal government to offer a $1 billion PRIZE for clean, affordable electricity generation.

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