Fresnel Solar Power – Six Kilowatt System

This is going to make solar affordable for everyone.
This is a very standard prototypes solar furnace made of lens for all recycled big screen television.
I placed it in little bit frame, near the focus here we have a heat collector and a heat exchanger we can run water through to generate high pressure steam.

We can generate approximately 1.2 kilo watts of heat energy for this lens. This is about 60 inches (1.52 meter) in diameter using nothing but sunlight. This is a basic solar thermal generator I have come up with.

How Its Generate Power From The Sun?

The idea is to take the heat of the sun and use it to generate electrical power as well as hot water. Here we have standard solar heating panels that create hot water around 160 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon how hot it gets.
The hot water here is a great deal of energy the focus of Fresnel Furnace, this lens captures about a kilo-watt or more electrical out sunlight power and plus is this hot water and the steam in high pressure.
That high pressure steam operates in electrical generator. We will recover the hot water which goes to hot water storing system like a regular hot water can and we get electrical power out of it.
We are getting about 60% of electrical conversion efficiency and hot water is a free bonus, something you can’t get from Solar Panels, or you will need to get a Solar Tracker device to boost it up. So you can put a number of hot water collecting panels on your roof and the heat of the sun can be used not to create just hot water but also electrical power with high efficiency.


Update: large full page Fresnel lens available here.

  • How much power will this system produce?
    About 6 kilowatts of electrical power in about 10 square meters of roof space.
  • How many bedroom?
    Well most home use about 30 kilowatts hours of power a day
    5 hours of this operation would run a standard home. However with 6 kilo watts in one of the earth’s shape is far more conservative.
    You would have more electrical power than you will ever need.
  • What about the charging of electric car or 6 kilo watts and 3 bedrooms home?
    If you are a very conservative home – yes you can easily recharge a car. Nothing prevents you in putting more of these panels on the roof and collecting more energy. We can use this for heating by running the hot water through the floor if you have radiant heating system.
    We can use it for lighting by using rafted five lights inside your house. You don’t have to cut holes on your roof to get the lighting inside.
  • What about affordability?
    We are looking to pay off 3 to 5 years about 6 to 8 thousand dollars for a system like this.
  • What about the cost of conventional solar 6 kilo watts?
    6 kilo watts of fuel will take 10 thousands very easily right now, about sixty thousands, because you see most of the solar farm takes system to run 5 to 7 dollars of work.


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