Flexible Solar Panel

Have you ever seen a solar panel that is so handy, you can roll it over to store it when not in use?
There is a 124-watt solar panel available right now that is very practical to utilize and store.
Now you might ask how powerful this is since it is collapsible. How effective the device might be?

flexible solar panel

Update: You Can Get Flexible Solar Panels Here

Let us just say that it is capable of producing 42 volts open voltage! You can even charge a 24-volt system with it. Cool, huh? You can go ahead and hook it up with a trusty inverter that can handle a higher voltage and use it accordingly!
This solar panel is designed to be lain on any flat surface and since the back side is adhesive, a personal suggestion would be to stick it over a metal sheath or a flat wood surface first rather than directly on your roof.
If you have an inverter, to keep it going as the panel produces 42 open vaults, cover it temporarily and remove the cover once the device is already up and running. Of course, you might want to need an inverter that can handle a higher voltage if you wish to upgrade.

Now this is pretty inexpensive and very affordable for everyone. 136 watts costs around $190 and that already includes shipping! This price that you’re paying is already good for 20 – 30 years!

If you are not yet convinced, you can research over the internet on how effective these kinds of devices are. And I kid you not: your research will not let you down.

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