Building Solar Panels Power Plant in the Bay Area

Happening today, a big business from overseas is leaving the bay area after days of scouting. Company representatives were here looking at Pinellas County as a possible site to build a solar panels’ plant.
Ashley Glass has details on how the talks went:
Three days of talks on building a solar panels plant in Pinellas County come to a close today.
It’s been a very, very good week so far.

Who Is Behind The Solar Panels Power Plant Initiative

It’s Mario Farias’ job to attract new businesses. He spent the last week pitching Pinellas County to a German-based business as the spot to build the panel’s farm and plant, not to be confused with another project of building solar power tower.
Well, it sure hasn’t been the weather.
Farias says the Germans have made light of our dark, gloomy skies of late.

  • What is this company liking about Pinellas County?
    They like the environment; the business environment is a great environment to be here.
    Farias says they’ve been pushing a plentiful workforce.
    Local government leaders say they’ve shown the old Toytown landfill and the Pinellas Technical Education Centers as possible spots to build the panels plant.
  • Have any sites been more attractive to them than others?
    No they like the area in general.
  • What is your feeling as far as where it goes from here?
    Hopeful, we remain completely hopeful. We think that it’s an opportunity that we can’t miss in this area…
    Now, if the company does in fact, moved here to the Bay Area, it could mean hundreds of new high-paying jobs.
    We’re expecting an update from government leaders in Pinellas County this afternoon to see if those talks are going to move forward.

We’ll, of course, continue to follow it for you throughout the day. Count on us to keep you up to date.
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