Building a Sustainable Solar Powered House

This is good news too. This is the story I was talking about. It’s saying ‘I thought that was a tent, apparently not but this is your everything has to deal with the weather segment built.
That’s right and it’s about an energy efficient home, right?
Yeah, but don’t call this a solar panel house. It’s a simplistic term. It’s one that’s designed to create as much energy as it takes to use. So it has that negative, neutral impact: harnessing the sun while maximizing efficiency and space.

Cutting through convention, a group of scholar builders from the University of South Florida have teamed up with similar sorts from the University of Florida, Florida State, and the University of Central Florida to put together what they hope as a winning entry from Team Florida in the Department of Energy’s Solar Panels Decathlon.
With 20 teams from all over the world striving for a sustainable structure that basically supplies all its energy needs—just don’t call this a solar panel house.

Houses with Solar Panels

A solar panel house is kind of a term that’s left over from the 1970s, maybe, it’s become a lot more sophisticated than that: the way people think about sustainability in general uh and energy efficiency. Solar Panels are just one component of it, certainly, but it’s really just one component.

And according to faculty adviser, Stanley Russel, the other main component of this house being fabricated along the banks of the Hillsborough River, is that it’s got to travel to the national mall!
Stanley Russell: Everything…everything about the design is influenced by that criteria. Shipping size or shipping height, shipping widths, weights, and being able to assemble and disassemble easily at the site.

The convertible components, usually been the most intriguing part of the project for the professionals who’ve jumped on board because this house is like nothing else in the competition.
Peter Dayton: Yeah that is one unique part. A lot of those are being put together in components onsite, whereas this one will come up relatively assembled. You literally slide the two rooms out and—and, boom, now you have your house.

And where we’re standing is, in fact?
Correct. This room will actually move.
Creating a slide apart, flexible, modular home has been the coolest aspect of this design and construction.
I designed them as in how they uh would roll in and out. So that’s gonna be an awesome thing actually, have it seen rolling in and out of the window in the competition. So that’s gonna be exciting.
Much more exciting than the mundane task of tiling the shower. But for students like Miguel Sanchez and Stella Kelmann, working on this project has been an eye-opener.

Weather-centric, energy-saving elements like a liquid desiccant air conditioning system and photo-voltaic cells come into play, they’re proud to put all their energy into the Flex House.
Yeah it’s a really good working experience. It’s not only, like, designing but see how all things are put together.
I think this is gonna definitely turn out to be an exciting project.

Really is. And even though it was completely cloudy, very rainy on the day that I was doing the story with the house, they were very excited about it. They really looked the place up and I think they’ve got a really good chance ‘cause they’re the only transformer house that’s gonna be up there on the National Mall.

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