Solar Panel Kits – Starter Kit

Solar Panel Kits

Recently, there have been a big drop in the price of solar panels, specifically in a niche aimed for the ones who dare to install the solar power system themselves, these people often called the DIY’ers or Weekend DIYers.
But I think that even a simple so called “regular people” can install this solar panel kits.…

Flexible Solar Panel

Have you ever seen a solar panel that is so handy, you can roll it over to store it when not in use?
There is a 124-watt solar panel available right now that is very practical to utilize and store.
Now you might ask how powerful this is since it is collapsible.…

See How Solar Panels Earn Cash for Homeowners

In in Charlotte, North Carolina – they are paying $100,000,000 to install solar panels for your home, so we want to know just how difficult it may be to go green at your house. For answers, we talked to Bob Thomason: a man who’s wired up with solar panels in Myers Park, one of the leafiest and shade filled areas of Charlotte.…

Building Solar Panels Power Plant in the Bay Erea

Happening today, a big business from overseas is leaving the bay area after days of scouting. Company representatives were here looking at Pinellas County as a possible site to build a solar panels’ plant.
Ashley Glass has details on how the talks went:
Three days of talks on building a solar panels plant in Pinellas County come to a close today.…

Solar Film – Blocking Solar Power from Heating Your Home

Some rooms in your house may get too much of a sun exposure and they might be too hot for people to live in, these rooms usually are rooms with larger windows.
In the summer the sun, mainly coming from the south side of your house, penetrates your house window’s and rises the internal house temperature – this will make your electric bill go up as you will need to use much more energy to cool the space.…

Fresnel Solar Power – Six Kilowatt System

This is going to make solar affordable for everyone.
This is a very standard prototypes solar furnace made of lens for all recycled big screen television.
I placed it in little bit frame, near the focus here we have a heat collector and a heat exchanger we can run water through to generate high pressure steam.…

Solar Panels Theft a New Class of Crime

It is one of the newer crimes under the sun. So security companies are scrambling to stop thieves taking solar panels. Sunny places, it turns out, attract shady people.
“It’s amazing what people do pick to steal these days.”

So as well as catching the sun, this solar unit in California’s Napa Valley is being armed with cameras and motion detectors to catch a thief.…

How Solar Panels Pays Back Their Cost

With oil prices climbing sky high, the sun maybe rising as an energy alternative. Right now just 7% of energy used in this country comes from renewable sources like solar power, 40% comes from petroleum. But there’s more and more interest in turning to the sun even though there may be some clouds on the horizon.…

Jim Cramer – on Solar Panels Stocks

Let me take you back to October 2008, at that time Oil Prices wend down dramatically and everyone were bashing the Solar Panels companies… If you just watched the video, Jim Cramer was right most of it regarding the stock prices of the Solar Panels companies, but Oil prices came back almost to the same levels and Solar Cells (not Solar Panels) went down… Now – Electricity bills are rising up again and there are no expectation in the market for Oil prices to go down – This is a game changer, where You could build your own Homemade DIY Solar Panels (using cheap Solar Cells) and reduce your electric bill dramatically.…

Do It Yourself Solar Panels Research by John Sommer