How USA is Loosing Solar Technology to China

Dan Harris heard a story today of one company, one big idea, but in America, no one to say give it a try. Natcore is a small company based in New Jersey that says it’s come up with an innovative new approach to make solar panels technology better and cheaper. One that its scientists are … Read more

Solar Panels Theft on the California Bay Area

Let me see if we can get there on the side… Even if you hold the top job in the school district, the top of one of your schools is not placed you often go to. In fact, this is the first time Jefferson Union Superintendent Michael Crilly has not been on the roof of … Read more

Home Solar Panels the Leasing Option

A growing members of Californians are looking to the sun to lower their energy costs. But for many, even with so many tax calculators and estimators available, solar panels is still an expensive option. NBC Bay Area’s Joe Rizada Jr. shows us a new program that’s hoping to solve that. Long time Sierra Club member … Read more

5 Inches Super Solar Panel – Will Power Your Home

The following TV series from ABC Catalyst in Australia is a glimpse of the bright future of solar technology. Researchers in Australia successfully demonstrated to power 75 homes using just a 40 Inch x 40 Inch Solar Panel( 1 square meter). They used many mirrors to concentrate the sunlight to a unique solar panel that … Read more

New – Integrated Roof Top Solar Panels

Do you want a $4500 money-saving gadget for free? Sounds too good to be true. Sure does. Well, there’s a kind of green electricity where you can really save money and the planet Jeff Burnside has this exclusive story tonight is going green report. The 1980s, funky old-style, Old thinking. And that’s what many people … Read more

Different Solar Power System a Hybrid Solar Lighting

By some estimates, 30% of the electricity used in the United States alone is just from lighting and for retailers that number climbs to 45%. But this next story shows those numbers could drop dramatically simply by letting the sun come in. Duncan Earl looks like he’s recreating a scene from Starwars but he’s really … Read more

Solar Tower – Renewable Energy Using the Sun

There’s a couple of things that drive investments in Solar Towers, one is the cost of oil. The other thing, of course, is government policy. Now with oil prices at record high and environmental issues burning in the public’s consciousness, interest in the Mansinares model has reached critical mass. An Australian firm called Enviromission plans … Read more

7 Benefits of Solar Energy

There must be a reason to explain why solar energy has spread so fast in the last decade. Technology, which used to be exclusive and expensive, is nowadays affordable to a wider audience and solar panels are a lot more efficient than they used to be. The potential of solar power is as infinite as … Read more

How You Can Utilize Solar for Your Business

There are many reasons why, as a business owner, operating on clean, renewable solar energy is beneficial. Among the many benefits, solar power can reduce long-term business operation costs, which can be quite substantial depending on the size of your business, where it’s located, and what type of business you run. Solar panels convert the … Read more

Fresnel Solar Power – Six Kilowatt System

This is going to make solar affordable for everyone. This is a very standard prototypes solar furnace made of lens for all recycled big-screen television. I placed it in a little bit frame, near the focus here we have a heat collector and a heat exchanger we can run water through to generate high-pressure steam. … Read more

Building a Sustainable Solar Powered House

This is good news too. This is the story I was talking about. It’s saying ‘I thought that was a tent, apparently not but this is your everything has to deal with the weather segment built. That’s right and it’s about an energy efficient home, right? Yeah, but don’t call this a solar panel house. … Read more

Solar Panels Theft – A New Class of Crime

It is one of the newer crimes under the sun. So security companies are scrambling to stop thieves from stealing solar panels. Sunny places, it turns out, attract shady people. “It’s amazing what people do pick to steal these days.” So as well as catching the sun, this solar unit in California’s Napa Valley is … Read more

3rd Generation of Solar Panels – Thin Film

thin film solar panel

Energy, a vital and the most important issue in our day to day life. Since the dawn of civilization, man has been using various types of energy from different energy sources. But because of these energy sources being limited, it has become a prime concern for this modern power-dependent world. For this reason, the economically … Read more

How To Build Your Own Solar Cells

solar cell

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build your own solar cells from scratch. Let’s begin: Titanium Dioxide Coating Place 6 grams of Ti2 powder on a mortar and grind evenly. Slowly pour in under a ventilated fume hood 1 milliliter at a time while grinding the mixture. This will yield a milky white … Read more

Google will help you with your solar panels

Google, which has long funded big solar and wind projects around the world, is stepping into the solar industry in a more web-based and traditionally Google-style way. On Monday, Google unveiled a site called Project Sunroof that lets people Google their address and find how much sun their roof gets, as well as the options … Read more

How Solar Panels Pay Back Their Cost

With oil prices climbing sky high, the sun may be rising as an energy alternative. Right now just 7% of the energy used in this country comes from renewable sources like solar power, 40% comes from petroleum. But there’s more and more interest in turning to the sun even though there may be some clouds … Read more

Flexible Solar Panel

flexible solar panel

Have you ever seen a solar panel that is so handy, you can roll it over to store it when not in use? There is a 124-watt solar panel available right now that is very practical to utilize and store. Now you might ask how powerful this is since it is collapsible. How effective the … Read more

Double Your Solar Power Output with this Trick

Here’s a simple yet effective way to increase the solar panel’s power output. Use a mirror or a simple aluminum foil just under the solar panels and see your electricity power output almost double as a result of this trick. See more details on the video below.

Solar Panel Kits – Starter Kit

Solar Panel Starter Kit

Recently, there has been a big drop in the price of solar panels, specifically in a niche aimed for the ones who dare to install the solar power system themselves, these people often called the DIY’ers or Weekend DIYers. But I think that even a simple so-called “regular people” can install this solar panel kit. … Read more

See How Solar Panels Earn Cash for Homeowners

In Charlotte, North Carolina – they are paying $100,000,000 to install solar panels for your home. so we want to know just how difficult it may be to go green at your house. For answers, we talked to Bob Thomason: a man who’s wired up with solar panels in Myers Park, one of the leafiest … Read more

Businesses Leasing their Roofs for Solar Panels

It’s a hot topic these days with the economy on shaky ground and the Presidential Election in the final stretch. How can we generate enough clean energy to satisfy our needs? Well, on tonight’s Ecological for Today’s show contributor Sloan Barnett is here to tell us about one Bay Area man who has the answer. … Read more

Building Solar Panels Power Plant in the Bay Area

Happening today, a big business from overseas is leaving the bay area after days of scouting. Company representatives were here looking at Pinellas County as a possible site to build a solar panels’ plant. Ashley Glass has details on how the talks went: Three days of talks on building a solar panels plant in Pinellas … Read more