Solar Film – Blocking Solar Power from Heating Your Home

Some rooms in your house may get too much of a sun exposure and they might be too hot for people to live in, these rooms usually are rooms with larger windows.
In the summer the sun, mainly coming from the south side of your house, penetrates your house window’s and rises the internal house temperature – this will make your electric bill go up as you will need to use much more energy to cool the space.
There’s am easy and inexpensive solution to this :

Solar film when installed correctly can reduce the heat in the rooms in the summer and help warm the room in the winter.
Kevin Koval has been installing these film for more than 10 years, he says that the most important thing in installing solar films on windows is to clean the window properly before attempting to apply the film on the window.

Adding solar film has many benefits

Solar Film Installation
The main purpose when installing the film is to block UV, heat, and glare.
the added value of the film on the glass is that if somebody is trying to break the glass in order to get into your house and steal, the solar film will act as a protection layer and will make it exteremly impossible to break it.
The quality films are completely clear and can last over 30 years – so you won’t be left in the dark once the are coating your glass.

How do I do it myself?

  • You can get the heat control residential window film online
  • The total cost is then determined by the number of windows and the size of the windows.
  • New technology also includes film the helps retain heat during the winter.
  • Solar Film will reject heat during the summer.

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  1. I found your post really interesting. I believe solar film is the future for solar energy at home: easy, tidy and discrete, all in one!
    Helpful posts and Blog, keep on going!
    Greetings from UK solar panels :)

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