Battery Reconditioning for Storing Electricity from a DIY Solar Panels System

When it comes to the DIY-er’s who build their own solar panels, one critical and important issue is the Battery Bank they need to consider in order to store the amount of electricity produced by the panels in order to get off the grid.
When you go for DIY option you should also think of DIY regarding your Battery Bank as you can’t afford just buying as many batteries as you need, because you will need about 30 batteries to go off the grid, and this is a substantial amount of money to spend!

Schematic DIY Panels Diagram with Battery

Schematic Diagram of Battery in a Solar Panel System

Let’s calculate why you’ll need 30 batteries…
In the picture to the right you can see a simple diagram that shows a schematic configuration of 100 watt panel sending it’s electricity to a single typical car-battery.
7 hours of sunshine will allow 4 florescent bulbs (25 watt each) to light for 7 hours…
This can give you the basic idea behind how many batteries you will need and why I say that Battery Reconditioning is the only option you need to take into account when you want to get off the grid by building your own panels.

If you were to make a basic calculation of what you will need to power your home, you will get to a conclusion that you need about 30-40 batteries to get off the grid, and you just can’t afford paying for it by simply buying these batteries.

That is why the next step for you is to learn how to recondition old batteries in order to get the total price of your DIY project into a reasonable figure.

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One thought on “Battery Reconditioning for Storing Electricity from a DIY Solar Panels System”

  1. Easy enough. To start off I would like to clear something up. A group of solar cells make a solar module. A solar panel is more then one solar module mounted together to make a panel. Example: Four 100 watt solar modules mounted together makes one solar panel. A solar panel can be an array but normally there are more then one panel in an array. So you need Solar modules combiner box DC voltage Disconnect breaker and or fuses Grid Tie inverter AC disconnect breaker-point of entry disconnect breaker to put in the homes main switch breaker box.Check out this link, it will tell you how to size a grid time solar power system, and the links on the page have picture DIY information to show what you need and how to install an off grid system. About the same but you don’t need the charge controller or the battery bank. You will get the idea.

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