How Much Can You Save with Solar Panels?

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Here’s The BIG PROBLEM With Solar Panels

DIY Solar Panel Kit Schematic Diagram
  • – It will take you 10 to 15 Years! to get your money back using Commercial Solar Panels.
  • – 100 Watt Solar Panel produces 700 Watt with Average of 7 Hours of Sun Light…
  • – 700 Watt can power 4 Fluorescent Lamps (25W each) for 7 Hours!
  • – Using Electricity to light the 4 lamps for 7 Hours will cost you just $0.08! (8 cents)
  • – The Math: $250 / $0.07 = 3,571 Days
  • – This means that in order to cover just the $250 Solar Panel…
    – You will need 3,571 Days – Which is about 10 Years!
  • – An Average House will need 50 Solar Panels ($15,000) to get Off The Grid!
  • – By Now, I am sure that you can see the problem you can get into, installing commercial solar panels…
  • Your Best Option Is to go for DIY Solar Panels and Save

What Keeps Commercial Solar Panels at High Prices?

– Manufacturing cost of a 1 Solar Panel is only $20 (1 Solar Panel = 36 Solar Cells)
– In the Past 6 Years the Price of 1 Solar Panel Slowly Dropped from $1,200 to $250
– At the same time Manufacturing costs of a Solar Panel dropped from $400 to $20
– The Solar Panels Manufacturers – keeping the prices very high and slowly lowering them down… controlling demand and supply to get very high profits.
– Large Solar Power Plants get huge discounts and can recover their Investment in 1-2 Years! depending on their configuration.
– Only 5% of Solar Panels goes to Residential Installations – So there is no competition in this field hence prices are High.

Here’s Your Solution – DIY Solar Panels at 10% of the Commercial Price!

Just $40 a Panel Using DIY Solar Cells

– In order to pay back in 1-2 years!
– You need to get down to $30-$50 a Panel

– The Only Option is to Do-It-Yourself!
– The Trick is Using Surplus Solar Cells
– Surplus Solar Cells are 10-30 Cent a piece
– Don’t Buy it on ebay – they won’t work
– There are specific Online sites they are sold
– You will get a list where to buy these Cells
– And How to get local & Government Rebates
– Plus How to Recondition Batteries
– Also: Wiring tips and tricks

– As Last word of Advice – Get This Course

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